The Business Law Clinic is an in-house transactional legal clinic.  Through the Clinic, second and third year UGA Law students, under the supervision of licensed attorneys, work to meet the legal needs of small businesses, nonprofits, start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

Services provided by the clinic vary based on client needs, but some of the most common project areas include:  forming business entities (e.g. corporations, LLCs or nonprofit corporations);  drafting and reviewing contracts (e.g. Operating Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, and corporate governance documents such as Bylaws and Shareholder Agreements);  intellectual property matters (e.g. trademark and copyright registration) and assistance navigating regulations (e.g. obtaining FDA approval or “Organic” certification.)

The Clinic assists individuals and entity clients that are unable to access traditional legal services.  The Clinic only operates during the academic year, and there are a limited number of client spots each semester.

Interested in Legal Services?

Contact the Business Law Clinic to see if you are eligible for our pro-bono legal services.