The Business Law Clinic offers students an opportunity to develop essential lawyering skills in a professional, interactive, live-client environment.

Willow Tracy standing in front of a white board with students sitting at a conference table with laptops. Willow is leading a meeting with UGA Law Students for the Busines Law Clinic.

Learn How To

Represent Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Non-Profits

Supervised students will represent entrepreneurs, small business owners and not for profit organizations that cannot otherwise afford legal services. Services provided will relate to such matters as entity formation, corporate governance, employment and contracts.

Students will learn how to interview, counsel, draft and negotiate, and will develop problem-solving, analytical and editorial skills in the context of client projects and reality-grounded class work.

Willow Tracy and UGA Law student meeting with community member at UGA office.

Serve The Community

Pro-Bono Legal Services

In addition to allowing students to learn transactional lawyering skills, the Business Law Clinic will provide clients with quality pro bono legal services, in keeping with the University of Georgia School of Law’s commitment to serving the community.

Additional Details

The course consists of a seminar and 8-10 hours per week of supervised client projects. Class size will be limited to eight students. Consistent with Law School policy on clinical courses, two credits will be graded and two credits will be pass/fail.

JURI Number 4216S, 4217S
Credit Hours 4 (2 hrs graded, 2 hrs pass/fail)
Prerequisite JURI 4300 (corporations)

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