Applicant Information

Can be business or personal; whichever is best for contact purposes
As a default, the Business Law Clinic will contact you via email. If you would prefer to be contacted another way, please provide additional contact information here.

Financial Information

UGA’s Business Law Clinic is designed to assist entrepreneurial, startup, small business and non- profit clients who would otherwise have difficulty obtaining legal services. Please describe in your own words why it would be a challenge for you to obtain traditional legal services – for instance, because you are a startup without a budget for legal services, because you have not begun operating your business or it does not have revenue yet, or because you are a nonprofit organization that does not have dedicated funding for legal services. If you do not feel you can answer this question, you can leave it blank, and we will follow up as necessary. Any information provided will be regarded as confidential.
You do not need to provide detailed information here (1-2 sentences is usually plenty) as a thorough intake interview will be conducted. This information will only be used for the clinic to make an initial determination of whether we will be able to assist you, and for clinic students to prepare for an initial interview. Any information provided will be regarded as confidential.